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DBI Sala - Cynch-Lok™ Fall Restricting Pole Strap for Distribution Poles #1204057 DBI Sala - Cynch-Lok™ Fall Restricting Pole Strap for Distribution Poles #1204057
Unit of Measure: Each

Price: $557.00



DBI Sala - Cynch-Lok™ Fall Restricting Pole Strap for Distribution Poles #1204057.

Cynch-Lok™ Fall Restricting Device Gets You There Faster & Safer

Climbing wood poles is one of the most difficult applications in the realm of fall protection. So we took a new approach and asked linemen to help us make a better strap. The result is our new Cynch-Lok™ Fall Restricting Pole Strap – the most user-friendly device of its kind meeting stringent CSA 259.14 standards.

Cynch-Lok™ features almost effortless adjustment. It allows you to easily hitch-hike poles (reposition, move or jump the strap upwards) with a hand position that’s comfortable. It also moves past obstacles without difficulty. Exterior straps can be changed depending on the type and size of pole you’re climbing. Interchangeability eliminates the need to purchase multiple devices and adds to Cynch-Lok™’s longevity by allowing you to replace components. Cynch-Lok™’s unique design “cynches” around a pole in the event of a cut-out or fall. When used correctly, it limits your fall distances in accordance with CSA standards. As the global leader in fall protection, it’s our goal to provide you with gear that’s lightweight, easy to use and built for your demands.

Please see the Cynch-Lok™ product brochure for additional lineman products!

DBI Sala Cynch-Lok™ Pole Strap Information Sheet

DBI Sala Cynch-Lok™ Pole Strap Secifications Sheet

DBI Sala Cynch-Lok™ Pole Strap Video

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Available Models:
1204057: Cynch-Lok™ for Distribution Poles

  • Pole Size (Dia/Circ): Min 5.5"/17.5"- Max 16"/50"
  • Weight: 4.5 lb (2.0 kg)

1204058 Cynch-Lok™ for Transmission Poles

  • Pole Size (Dia/Circ): Min 5.5"/17.5"- Max 37"/116"
  • Weight: 5.0 lb (2.3 kg)  

Available Replacement Components:

1200110 Cynch-Lok™ Replacement Strap for Distribution Poles 1204057

  • Pole Size (Dia/Circ): Min 5.5"/17.5" - Max 16"/50"
  • Weight: 1.6 lb (0.7 kg)

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