DBI Sala - Fisk Descender™ Device

DBI Sala - Fisk Descender™ Device

DBI Sala - Fisk Descender™ Device

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DBI Sala - Fisk Descender™ Device.

Made from 304 stainless steel and investment cast for strength, the device is not only strong, it is beautiful. This design offers maximum flexibility for the application with one-piece simplicity. Basic training procedures are combined with the purchase of our VHS video, it is designed to offer assistance in training the user for various techniques used in descending.

The patented design offers gentle flow for 19 inches of working line to pass through the descender over a larger radii found in other products on the market. This design offers less wear to the working line, reduction in rope hockling, and torsional twist. The 304 stainless steel was chosen because of its durability and greater thermal capacity over other materials (ie. aluminum), thus reducing the temperature increase of the unit during a descent.

DBI Sala
Fisk Descender™ Device
DBI Sala
 Part Numbers
Fisk Descender™ Device 2103189
1/2" Static Kernmantle; Polyester covered nylon core. Please call to order. Add $2.15ft 1205000
Weight (Descender) 1.8lbs



  • Fisk Descender™ is the simplest, most effective descent control system ever designed - it's easy to trust a system designed for durability, thermal capacity and smooth flow
  • Gentle flow for 19" of working line to pass through the descender
  • Large radius for smoother descent
  • Less wear to the working line
  • Reduction in rope hockling and torsional twist
  • Durable 304 stainless steel construction
  • Order 1205000 rope separately, last three digits in part number signify length
  • Meets or exceeds all industry requirements including OSHA and ANSI.