ABC's of Fall Protection

ABC's of Fall Protection

ABC's of Fall Protection.


The anchorage is the secure point of attachment for the fall arrest system. The appropriate type of anchorage varies by industry, the job being performed, the type of installation and the structure available, but it must be able to withstand fall arrest forces. The anchorage connector provides a means of attaching the system to the anchorage.

Body Support

The full-body harness provides the necessary body support with straps that fasten around the user and distribute fall arrest forces over the upper thighs, pelvis, chest and shoulders.


A connector, such as a shock-absorbing lanyard or self-retracting lifeline, is a device that links the user’s full-body harness to an anchorage. When used with a fall restraint system, the connector must be short enough so that the worker cannot reach a fall hazard.


Descent and rescue devices, an essential part of the fall protection program, are used to retrieve or lower a fallen worker to the ground.

Inspections are to be performed before each and every use as well as, annually by a competent person.